Summer Lunch Buffet is back at Medinii, the 35th Floor Italian High Value Diner of The Continent Hotel, Bangkok. Facebook Twitter

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Favola delivers an authenticity of Italy to a lavish setting on Level 2 of Le Méridien Hotel, Chiang Mai. Each dish is influenced by the original

taste from Central Europe that every bite is irresistibly enjoyable. You can expect a menu with a mix of pizza, pasta, risotto, vegetarian and

signature plates

Entering the restaurant, Favola boasts its excellence with an open kitchen and swanky dining area with a showpiece glass walk-in wine

cellar. As it is a combination of stylish and exquisite, spending time with friends, family or lovers and exploring a range of original Italian

cuisine and cocktails will be truly pleasant. Apart from the luxury taste which makes you feel superior already, the service is attentive and

professional, making the whole dining experience flawless.

Meet “Favola Brunch Exclusivo”, a superb specialties offer on every 1st Sunday of each month where you will find French oysters, Alaskan

king crabs, gourmet Foie Gras and number of other delicious cuisine.

There are many other complementary offers waiting for you as well. Come enjoy!